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04 January 2006 @ 04:21 pm
January 05
1. Did you have a new year's resolution this year? probably to lose weight or something
2. Who kissed you at midnight? AJ
3. Does it snow where you live? pssshhh i wish
4. Do you like hot chocolate? sometimes when its really cold
5. Have you ever been to Times Square to watch the ball drop? no but i want to

1. Who was your valentine in 2005? AJ
2. What did your valentine get you? umm, some flowers and a trip to St. Augustine
3. When you were little, did you buy valentines for your whole class? yep

1. Are you Irish? nope
2. Do you wear green on St. Patty's Day? yeah a long sleeve green shirt, and green feather boa. lol
3. What did you do for St. Patty's Day in 2005? haha went and saw meg get totally trashed. lol

1. Do you like the rain? yes, when you are going to sleep
2. Did you play an April fool's joke on anyone this year? noo sadly
3. Do you get tons of candy on Easter? yeah kinda, i don't really like candy tho

1. What's your favorite kind of flower? orchids
2. Do you like the spring? yeah exept for the pollen :(
3. What would you think of as a spring color? bright yellow and pink

1. What year do you graduate from school? 2004
2. Did you go on any vacations last June? no :(

1. What did you do on the 4th of July? i think we went to see some fireworks...
2. Did you go on any vacations during this month? of course not. :(

1. Did you do anything special to end off your summer? heck no i was working
3. Do you go swimming a lot in the summer? no :(
4. Do you go to the beach a lot? not enough

1. Did you attend school/college in '05? yes eww
2. Who is/was your favorite teacher? Mr. Curry
3. Do you like fall better than summer? sometimes.

1. What was your favorite Halloween costume ever? being Miss America, at the same party that Meg was a pimp lol
2. What's your favorite candy? jr. mints
3. What did you dress up like this year? I was Sandy, a pink lady
4. Any vacations before it got cold? no whats up w/ all the freakin vacation questions?? geez

1. Whose house do you usually go to for thanksgiving? my aunt sandy's
2. Do you love stuffing? yes but only my maw maw's kind
3. What are you thankful for? family, friends, loving boyfriend.

1. Do you celebrate Christmas? no im jewish, lol just kidding!! lol
2. Have you ever been kissed under mistletoe? nope :(
3. What do you want this year for Christmas? stuff for our apartment
4. What's the best present you ever got for Christmas? pshhh i don't get expensive things. the funniest was a thing of play-dough from Aj when I met him.
5. Do you like cold weather? NOOOOO

Age you turned in 2005?: 19

Was it a good year for you?: yes and no.
Where were you when it began?: at Alex's party

Where will you be when it ends?: um I was on Jax Beach...lol

What was your favorite moments of the year?: going to st. auggy. fallon coming down. starting a new job. long nights at aj's house. partying in the back yard w/ my family. grilling out in the summer. jag games. heather my new found friend. rain. going to God knows how many clubs. trying to cook new things.

Did you have a New Years resoulution for '05?: i think i did, but who doesn't?

Did you keep it?: probably not

Do you have a resolution for '06?: yes, and i'm already doing well

Did you change your hair this year?: not drastically, just blonder. and shorter.

Did you fall in love?: yes

Did you break up with anyone?: nope. thank goodness

Did you make any new friends?: yep lots!!

What was your favorite month of '05?: june or july. the summer months

Why?: aj and i had so much fun going to the beach, walking around in st. auggy, laying out in the backyard. fixing drinks. grilling out. chasing the dog around.

How many states did you visit? pshhh none

Did you lose anyone close to you in '05?: yes my papa. :tear:

What was your favorite movie?: lots of them, i can't remember

What was your favorite song?: haha CANDY SHOP i love that song!!

What was your favorite cd?: MaE

Did you do anything you're ashamed of?: no regrets i can think of

favorite TV shows this year?: got hooked on family guy

Favorite hang out?: the casbah, chilis

Funniest moment of '05.?: ????

Most embarassing moment of '05: ????

Favorite commerical.: ???

Any new hobbies?: ha making fun of people, i learn from the best meg.

Did you get a new job? yep at vystar

Did you lose a job?: um no i quit

Did you get into a car accident?: nope thank goodness

Did you get any tickets?: nope
Did you get arrested? nope
What song will always remind you of '05?: ANYTHING BY 50 CENT!!!

Something you couldn't leave home without?: my cell, and some dang chapstick

Any last thoughts on 2005?: it was ok.....january was cold but fun and new, february was still cold but fun. march was fun cuz it was my birthday. april wasn't fun cuz papa died. may was fun i think. june and july run into one another cuz its hot, we went to the beach a lot. august sucked cuz school started. september was fallons birthday, ok no point there. october was cool, it was aj's b-day and halloween. november was cool gotta love thanksgiving. and december rocked.
03 January 2006 @ 09:02 am

*Ok since everybody puts their "weekend updates" on here, heres ours!!!

*Saturday: woke up kinda early-ish and went to starbucks and got everybody some coffee. Called Amanda to head over and we all had a little hair dying/cutting party. I got my hair cut short (again) and colored (again) lol. Heather wanted hers blonde too :) thanks to Amanda we look awesome!!! Meg came by for a little while which was so cool, I loved that all of us were hanging out. Then we ordered some pizza and then ran by tj maxx so heather and meg could find something cute to wear out that night. Ok anyways getting carried away. So AJ and I go back over to heathers at like 8ish and Heathers stupid friend Christina comes over and Heathers little brother Breck (cough amanda cough). Then we kinda start taking shots of our friend Pepe Lopez and give them to Breck. lol. That was funny. Then we head off. Ok our original plan was to fight traffic and go to the Landing. Well, we get there, and they have this new thing were you have to show your i.d at the entrance and you MUST be 21 to get in....welllllll tooo bad I was the only one that was under 21. :( so heather and christina go in, like great friends do... and aj and I are outside trying to find a way to get in. We are walking around and as I go to the bathroom, he even tries to bribe a guy to act as my dad lol so I could just get in! but of course he says no. So anyway, Heather and Christina meet us back outside the gates and their like "oh its ok our friends are at Plush anyway". So what do we do......drive to Plush...yeeaaahhh. Aj had said "guys i probably can't get in, i didn't know we were going to a club, I don't have the right shoes on" And of course we wait in line, by now its like 10:30 and we finally get up to the entrance, heather and christina go in and aj and I are behind them. The guard stops Aj of course and says "hey you can't get in with tennis shoes on" so he tries to get me to go in w/ the other two girls and I didn't want to. So we argued and drove around for a bit, then, when all that heat wore off, this is actually where the night became great. While heather and christina were in the club, we told them we were gonna find a Kmart or something to get some shoes, but all that time wasted, we were like oh well we'll just wait, it cost like 15 dollars for him to get in and 25 for me anyways. So we kept driving then, I was like "hey we are right by jax beach, why don't we just walk on the beach instead of driving around" AND THAT is what made the night just perfect. We parked and it was so relaxing to just walk on the beach w/ no shoes on and talk and watch fireworks from other ppl. it was really nice. So after that. We get a call from Heather, and she sounds soo scared or something she's like "please come pick me up, help, please" im like holy crap we have to get to Plush. We get there and we are running around calling her and trying to figure out where she is. We find her w/ one of her guy friends against a car, shitfaced drunk and her stupid friend Christina wasn't even w/ her, she was still in the club w/ this guy. So as soon as we get christina back outside and everybody in the car we drive home. It was soo crazy. Glad that we didn't drink too much. But the beach was definitely worth it, in the end. lol yeah for 2006!

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30 December 2005 @ 04:52 pm

Thank                         God                         its         FRIDAY!!!!

this will be my last update of 2005!!! next year will be a much better one! Hope everybody has fun New Years Eve, and be safe don't do anything stupid!

lots of love to everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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23 December 2005 @ 04:23 pm

* I love that the ppl over here are begging me to stay!!! thats awesome, if it means mo money then I'm staying. :)

* Hope everybody has a Holly Jolly Christmas!!! and all you spoiled brats get everything you don't need!!!! Have a great new year. Hopefully this year will be less eventful!


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*So this weekend was freakin awesome. Saturday woke up and went to heathers, we hung out the whole day and cleaned her house up, went shopping in the rain, took a nap then got ready for the party. The turnout was great and Im so glad that that many people came. Everybody looked like they were having a good time. Aj and I were playing the bartenders the whole time, thats fun. I was giving out tequila shots to like everybody :) It was a fun night. cheers to many more hopefully.

*I love this new position. Granted all my buddies are over at the call center, but if they offer me the position and it pays more money, then i'll probably take it. No member problems, or emails saying that we suck, just busy work, and tend to yourself. Plus i get my own parking spot. That speaks for itself.

*I still have Christmas shopping to do. We are such slackers :)

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15 December 2005 @ 12:35 pm
~Well good news is I was volunteered by my senior to help out Automated Services at Corporate for three weeks. Good opportunity and definitely a chance to get to know the pretty important people over there. Bad news is...I have to deal with ppls credit cards, PSCU, new people, and miss all the hoopla that our call center is doing for Christmas. Oh well it was going to be Meg, Amanda, or me. So I saved your asses!!~

~Sometimes I really feel like Christmas has lost its meaning. Everybody is so self absorbed with their material things that they are running around, throwing pretty much all of the money they have just to get something that your family member WANTS not NEEDS. I think its just stupid most of the time. Our family has been so separated since Papa passed, they keep fighting and saying that we aren't going to get together for Christmas this year because they have "church responsibilities". Ok sooooo church, we have done Christmas on a sunday before and it hasn't made a difference. Growing up has helped me learn that its not about what you get for Christmas, heck Aj and I aren't even getting each other gifts, and we aren't expecting anything either. If anybody asked I told them I wanted stuff for the both of us for our apartment. People just need to step back sometimes and realize what is important to them, their family and friends. Without them you really have nothing~

~Lots of stuff has been on my mind lately, but as long as im not worring about money, pretty much i don't think twice about it. I just don't care anymore. Nothing is that important to get all jumbled up over. Its just not worth all the energy.

~Its going to be a great year, I really hope that 2006 is much better than 2005. The year was bad and stressful and I just want it to be over.~

~As for all my work buddies. I will miss you and I'll probably be in touch through email, so dont forget about me for the next three weeks. I'm still here, and I promise I'm coming back. :) ~
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30 November 2005 @ 03:17 pm

~* This week has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. Things have been crazy w/ AJ but everythings ok now. He thought at one moment that it would be better for us to live at my parents house again, then he thought about it and changed his mind. We move into the apartment Jan. 14th. Oh and I found out that ryan and his gf jessica and her twin tina live at the Waterford too. Yeaaaaa hope we run into one another! *~

+Fallons in town and we've hung out like old times like the whole week, I cant wait til the wedding. I can't believe that she is going to have a husband. Crazy.+

! Im tired of drama too. But i know that it could have been solved. I let myself fall down a few times when I'm with somebody and thats not fair. I love my friends and I would never give them up for the world. Hope everything works out for the best, is all I can say. !


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25 November 2005 @ 12:09 pm
-- Name: Sandra
-- Birthday: 03-13-86
-- Current Location: the receptionist box at work :(
-- Eye Color: lt. brown
-- Hair Color: brown?
-- Height: 5'3"
-- Righty or Lefty: rightie
-- Zodiac Sign: Pisces

-- Your heritage: um southern and fake spanish lol
-- The shoes you wore today: my adidas to work
-- Your weakness: anything pumpkin...
-- Your fears: someone close to me dieing
-- Goal you'd like to achieve: finishing school and getting my degree

-- Your most overused phrase/word on AIM: lol or brb
-- Your thoughts first waking up: dang i gotta pee
-- Your best physical feature: my big butt :)
-- Your bedtime: normally like 10

LAYER FOUR: Do you..
-- Smoke: never
-- Curse: yeah i shouldn't tho
-- Sing: heck yes. most of the time in my car
-- Take a shower everyday: yep sometimes twice
-- Have a crush(es): not other than my boyfriend
-- Do you think you've been in love: yep am now
-- Want to go to college: yeah im in it right now
-- Like high school: not really
-- Want to get married: YES. HINT HINT
-- Think you're attractive: yeah sometimes

LAYER SIX: In the past month have you..
-- Drank alcohol: haha yeah
-- Smoked: still no
-- Done a drug: nope
-- Had Sex: hahaha yesssss
-- Made Out: hahaha yessss
-- Gone to the mall?: yep
-- Been on stage: nope
-- Made homemade cookies: nope
-- Gone skinny dipping: ummmmmm no
-- Dyed your hair: heck yes when do i not?

-- Played a game that required removal of clothing: yep
-- If so, was it mixed company: um yeah
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yess and it sucks the day after
-- Been caught "doing something": kinda almost by my mom...lol
-- Been called a tease: yep
-- Gotten beaten up: haha no
-- Shoplifted: i think so
-- Changed who you were to fit in: nope screw them bitches ;)

-- Age you hope to be married: umm like 21 or 22 HE BETTER ASK ME!!!
-- Numbers and Names of Children: 2, Skylar and Mckenzie
-- Describe your dream wedding: a huge wedding with all our our family getting along and a beautiful dress and everybody is laughing and having a good time
-- How do you want to die: quickly
-- Where you want to go to college: WANT: UF, REALITY: just to get a degree at FCCJ
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: ?? just to make lots of money

-- last car ride: to work this morning
-- last romantic kiss: umm a GOOD KISS like two days ago
-- last good cry: probably a week ago just a major breakdown
-- last book read: pshh i don't even know....Bookends i guess
-- last crush: before AJ??
-- last phone call: Fallon
-- last time showered: this morning
-- last shoes worn: before today cute brown high heeled flip flops
-- last cd played: a mixed cd of all my jams of dashboard and mae
-- last song downloaded: ??? don't have a computer at home :(
-- last annoyance: girl at work, cough D cough
-- last disappointment: that AJ has to work tonight :(
-- last soda drank: like two minutes ago i had a cherry coke
-- last word written: coke haha
-- last key used: a
-- last word spoken: minute
-- last sleep: last night
-- last IM: um don't have IM
-- last sexual fantasy: ummm probably like yesterday of two days ago...
-- last time wanting to die: ive never wanted to die i like living thank you
-- last time hugged: AJ last night
-- last time you were slapped in the ass: umm two days ago..lol
-- last lipstick used: pshh some brown stuff last night
-- last underwear worn: cute orange ones from charlotte russe
-- last bra worn: a white one
-- last shirt worn: a AE one today
-- last time you told a friend you "lurve" them: ???? haven't a clue
-- last time someone made you cry: like last week
-- last time someone broke your heart: two years ago in november.
-- last time you made someone cry: two years ago in november
-- last time someone wrote something sweet to you: wrote? i don't know
-- last time someone wrote you a funny note: ?? again don't know
-- last time dancing: a week ago at crazy horse
-- last show attended: Saw II
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23 November 2005 @ 03:16 pm

*Hey guys, well im stuck here in the receptionist BOXXX again cuz jeanette is *cough* sick or something. So ive been pretty much doing nothing all day long!!! yessss

*just wanted to say hope you all have a greeaattt.....


             Thanksgiving Day!!!

*remember to be thankful for what you have, and not what you want.... :) *

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22 November 2005 @ 09:37 am
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